Quick Interview Tips For Candidates

Quick Interview Tips For Candidates

With Hiring Managers seeing on average 4-5 applicants for each role, it is important that candidates show themselves in the best possible light in order to secure an offer.

Nerves are often blamed for poor performance in an interview, so how do you overcome the nerves and make a lasting impression on the hiring manager?

Here are The Burford Recruitment Company’s quick interview tips for candidates to ensure you minimise your nerves, give a good account of yourself and make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Be Prepared!

There is a clear correlation between how prepared you are and how nervous you will be, so reduce your nerves by doing your homework! Hiring Managers will expect you to know what the company does, what their values are, and what you will bring to the role. This shouldn’t phase you. You have all the tools you require in order to prepare. You can find out about the culture of an organisation by visiting the company website and you can prepare answers to questions of how you demonstrate their values in advance. You can (and should) review the job description (which you should have been issued) thinking of examples of when you have demonstrated the skills required.

Be confident!

Be confident but not overly confident so that you appear cocky. Bear in mind that having seen your CV, the Hiring Manager has decided that he or she is prepared to take time out to speak to you further about the role so it is likely that you have many of the skills and experience required to do the job. You are already half way there!

Look the part!

Different people have different ideas here but in general we would always suggest that you make an effort to dress smartly for an interview. Try to also be aware of your body language, give a good handshake and make eye contact with all interviewers. Sit up straight (which has the added benefit of helping you speak clearly) and if you can manage it try the occasional smile!


Be careful not to talk over your interviewer no matter how keen you are to answer their questions.

End on a high!

A list of pre-prepared questions will help to avoid any awkward pauses as you frantically try to think of something to say when they ask “Do you have any questions?”. Once that is out of the way and the interview is finishing, make sure you end it positively. Thank each of them for their time and shake their hands. If it is an opportunity you think you would like to pursue then let them know and ask what the next steps might be. If it is a close decision between you and another candidate it might just be enough to tip it in your direction.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression!

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